Top Grade Rainbow Sheen Obsidian Mini Seven Star Array | Handmade Root Chakra Healing Home Decor


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Top Grade Rainbow Sheen Obsidian Seven Star Array

  • 14mm Top Grade Rainbow Obsidian Center Bead - 1 Bead

  • 10mm Top Grade Rainbow Obsidian Beads - 6 Beads

  • 60mm Top Grade Black Obsidian Array

  • A Gift Box Will be Included with your Purchase


Obsidian is a combination of many different minerals, and what compounds are present within the lava at the time of volcanic eruption will determine the obsidian’s eventual appearance and texture.

Rainbow Obsidian shows beautiful rings of colors, sometimes the full spectrum, which are the result of a natural process as the lava cools. When choosing High-Quality Rainbow Obsidian, the rainbow colors should be present in each bead of the strand. As you turn the beads with your finger, you should be able to find a Rainbow “eye” appearing consistently throughout, without fail.

Rainbow Black Obsidian helps with self-control, decision making, intuition, and protection. It is regarded to be powerful protection agents, absorbing negative energyreleasing mental stress, and promoting emotional well-being. Rainbow Black Obsidian allows an individual to focus their mind, promoting balance and strength to get through difficult phases of life while relieving doubt, and bestows decision making with vision and clarity.


Disclaimer: Due to the natural stone formations and our studio lighting, every bracelet, necklace, and anklet will vary slightly, and will not be an exact replica of the one you see in the photos. With that said, we value our customers and will provide you with only the highest quality products. Please keep in mind that the item photos are for reference only. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our products.