Only 1 Available Top Grade Natural Clear Quartz Cluster Cleasing Crystal 51g


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Natural Healing Crystal Stone Home Decor

  • Top Grade Natural Clear Quartz Cluster

  • Only 1 Available

  • Origin: Brazil

  • Weight: 51.2g

  • Jewelry pieces in the photo are NOT included with your purchase

  • About Packaging:
    We will do our best to pack and protect the raw crystal stones, but due to the special shape of the natural clear quartz clusters, a small number of clusters may break during transportation or may not. If you are concerned about this issue, please use your own judgement before making the purchase, thank you very much!


Natural Clear Quartz Benefits:

Clear Quartz is the King of crystals, it is associated with the Crown Chakra. It provides strong power to purify your mind and brain. Stabilizing your health magnetic field and balancing emotions. It can also reduce the radiation of electronic products. Place your jewelry on a Clear Quartz Raw Stone to cleanse/purify your crystal jewelry. 🙂

Clear Quartz is a healing crystal to hold the energy of bright light, to contribute to positive events. Keeps you stay away from negativity.

The light from Clear Quartz represents the light of Mother, all energies are converted from this white light, the best energy of the universe. There is a saying: as long as you gain the power of white light, you can achieve what you wish.

The transparency and clarity of clear quartz, representing balance and perfection. Among all the crystals, the energy field of clear quartz is the most stable and pure. It is hardly affected by other forces, and it could always provide you consistent and stable energy.