Natural Chrysocolla Healing Bracelet | 10.3mm Beads | Emotional Balance and Communication


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Discover the transformative energy of our Natural Chrysocolla Healing Bracelet, featuring stunning 10.3mm beads. This handcrafted gemstone jewelry is more than just an accessory; it’s a powerful tool for emotional balance and enhanced communication.

• 10.1mm  – 10.4mm high-quality chrysocolla gemstone
• Total 19 Beads
• Origin: United States
• Fixed wrist size from 6″ to 6.5″ (15.24cm to 16.51cm)
• Threaded with durable elastic cord
• Versatile: Perfect for daily wear, meditation, gifts, DIY projects
• Includes velvet jewelry bag and modification kit (needle and cords)

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Chrysocolla, revered by ancient civilizations for its soothing properties, has been used for millennia to promote inner peace and wisdom. Legend has it that Cleopatra wore chrysocolla jewelry to help her make difficult decisions and communicate with grace and power.

Embrace Emotional Harmony

As you wear this exquisite bracelet, feel the gentle energy of chrysocolla wash over you, calming your mind and opening your heart. The vibrant blue-green hues remind us of tranquil waters and lush forests, inviting a sense of serenity into our daily lives.

Amplify Your Voice

Chrysocolla is known as the stone of communication, helping to clear blockages in self-expression. Whether you're preparing for an important presentation or seeking to improve personal relationships, this bracelet serves as a constant reminder to speak your truth with confidence and compassion.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Each bracelet is lovingly handcrafted, ensuring that the natural beauty and healing properties of chrysocolla are preserved. The large 11.7mm beads not only make a bold statement but also provide a larger surface area for the stone's energy to interact with your own.