Handmade Merkaba Pendulum | Rose Quartz Heart Chakra Healing


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Handmade Natural Crystal Healing Stone Jewelry

*Handmade by Karen Hui

  • Please Cleanse and Charge Energy for Your Own Pendulum 🙂

  • Natural Rose Quartz Crystal Pendulum

  • Diagonal: 19.9mm

  • Origin: Madagascar

  • Ending Bead: 6mm

  • Suitable for Meditation | Reiki Healing | Holiday Gifts | DIY Projects

  •  Jewelry Bag will be included with your purchase

  • How to use Pendulum?



Merkaba is a crystalline energy field composed of sacred geometry that can adjust your consciousness, body and mind.

Generally, pendulum crystals have stronger energy, which can stimulate your inner energy as well. I will recommend beginners to use clear quartz or amethyst pendulums, they are both associated with your Crown Chakra, they can help calm your mind, and clear your mind when you use it.


Disclaimer: Due to the natural stone formations and our studio lighting, every bracelet, necklace, and anklet will vary slightly, and will not be a replica of the one you see in the photos. With that said, we value our customers and will provide you with only the highest quality products. Please keep in mind that the item photos are for reference only. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our products.