Top Grade Silver Sheen Obsidian Bracelet | Handmade 12mm Large Beaded Men Women Reiki Healing Stone | 1st Root Chakra Remove Negativity

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Handmade Top-Quality Healing Stone Bracelet

*Please wear it on your right hand. 🙂

  • 12mm Top Grade Silver Sheen Obsidian Beads

  • Origin: Mexico

  • Durable Strong Elastic Cords

  • Available Wrist Size from 6.5"/16.51cm to 8"/20.32cm

  • Men & Women Daily Wear | Meditation | Reiki Healing | Gift Items

  • Spare Kit (Elastic cords, needle) & Jewelry Bag will be included


Silver Sheen Obsidian Healing Stone Benefits:

Obsidian is a combination of many different minerals, and what compounds are present within the lava at the time of volcanic eruption will determine the obsidian’s eventual appearance and texture.

Silver Sheen Obsidian - a black or deep brown Obsidian displaying a silver-gray iridescent sheen when polished and viewed in strong light, caused by gas bubbles aligning across the layers during formation. 

Silver Sheen Obsidian is associated with your Root Chakra. It is believed to bring you "advantage" throughout life. Silver Sheen Obsidian is a marvelous stone for out-of-body journeying as it provides a strong connection between the physical and astral bodies, and assures a safe soul return. Since it's one of the Obsidian Healing Stones kind, Silver Sheen Obsidian also has the same vibration frequency of helping remove negative energy and ground you to the earth like other Obsidians.


Disclaimer: Due to the natural stone formations and our studio lighting, every bracelet, necklace, and anklet will vary slightly, and will not be an exact replica of the one you see in the photos. With that said, we value our customers and will provide you with only the highest quality products. Please keep in mind that the item photos are for reference only. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our products.


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