Natural Royal Purple Sugilite Raw Stone Pendant with Sterling Silver Wrap | Body Detox Remove Negativity

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Natural Royal Purple Sugilite Raw Stone Pendant with Sterling Silver Wrap

  • Only One Available

  • Natural Top Grade Royal Purple Sugilite Irregular Shape

  • 925 Sterling Silver Penant Wrapping

  • Necklace - 45cm
    925 Sterling Silver with 18K White Gold Plated

  • Silver Polishing Cloth & Jewelry Box will be included

  • Birthstone of Virgo | Gift Item | Meditation


Sugilite, it's known to remove the negative energy of your body, restore balance, normality and health, and help your body detoxify and prevent cancer. Drive away extreme emotions such as anger, depression, and sorrow.
Sugilite is the stone that's associated with your Crown Chakra. A violet flame stone which brings purification and burns away negative attachments, trauma from past lives, and bad karma spots. 
Sugilite connects your body to your spirit. It helps you to rifle through the idea that dissase can also be caused by emotional turmoil and depriving ourselves of the love we so truly deserve. To help overcome this, Sugilite can balance the nervous system, calm the senses, and help you to physically let go of fear and tensions that could be contributing to any kind of chronic illness. For those battling with mental health issues like paranoia and PTSD – Sugilite can help smooth the cracks so you feel less shattered into pieces. It’s also a divine stone for sleep and dreamwork, helping people to overcome insomnia.
Sugilite is also a savvy pain reliever thanks to its high levels of chill. This gem can ease headaches, muscle tension, and can even help with everything from iron deficiencies to boosting physical stamina, and cleansing lymph systems too. The reason its so good at being an effective pain reliever is down to the high levels of manganese stashed in the stone.


Note: The style of gift box maybe different due to availability of stock. 

Disclaimer: Due to the natural stone formations and our studio lighting, every bracelet, necklace, and anklet will vary slightly, and will not be an exact replica of the one you see in the photos. With that said, we value our customers and will provide you with only the highest quality products. Please keep in mind that the item photos are for reference only. Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have regarding our products.


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